Mountains outta Mole Hills

Mountains outta mole hills” An attitude innate to the human condition Especially concerning the context clause leading to the consequential content The mountain made in question tends to bcm an overexaggeration of the mole mound Simpler analogy was found in a movie “U can’t bury ur head in the sand When your butt is still […]

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It doesn’t matter how we don’t find time to keep our journal up to date… See the world in a grain of sand Heaven in a wild flower  Hold infinity in the palm of your hand  And eternity in an hour William Blake – Auguries of Innocence This be that day when you realize love […]

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firsts muse

its like we told you long time ago they just need an excuse to celebrate life as a human being b whatsoever a festival or occasion man wants reason to entertain oneself on the context of life. the duality thus created between celebrating and living life existence challenges the quality of the being of that […]

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